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Transform your kitchen with help from Axe Home & Design, your Kitchen Design Showroom in Pompano Beach. We offer a dynamic offering of countertops, cabinets, and all the materials needed to turn your space into the kitchen of your dreams. From the configuration of your cabinets to selection of cabinetry finishes and accessories, our experienced team will walk you through each step of the selection process. Offering value without compromising design, we offer quality cabinetry styles and craftsmanship with options to complement any design style!

With a legacy of fine craftsmanship at Axe Home & Design, our showroom is open to homeowners, remodeling contractors, and interior designers. Showcasing the latest in designs and trends, our kitchen design showroom features a vast selection of cabinets, door handles, tiles, countertops, sinks, faucets and more. Turning your vision into reality with our experienced, licensed, and professional installers, our design professionals offer a one-stop shopping and design experience, assisting with functional cabinet layouts that respond to the way that you and your family use the kitchen area!

At Axe Home & Design, no appointment is necessary to visit our kitchen design showroom. Come in today to begin designing your dream kitchen with the help of our experienced team. With unmatched customer service and a talent for design, we offer kitchen transformations for homes of all sizes!

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