Luxury Interior Doors

Visit Our Luxury Doors Showroom

Our interior doors come in a wide range of types, designs, and styles that can be used in any part of your house. There are slab doors, swing doors, barn doors, pocket doors, bi-fold doors, double swing doors, bypass doors, and pocket doors. Visit our store to see the many door collections and premium brands we carry. Our showroom is open to homeowners, remodeling contractors, and interior designers. 

Interior & Exterior

Our AXE Home & Design showroom is a great place for you to see the beauty and variety of our interior, entry front doors. AXE Home & Design's readiness to make everything possible for our clients is demonstrated by the substantial amount of items that is currently in stock. 

The provision of affordable, high-quality manufacturer's products to AXE Home & Design customers is our primary objective. We take great pride in showcasing the most recent collections of contemporary goods that Florida Door Company has designed and produced. Introducing the top and most modern interior and front door types to the US door market.