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Axe Home & Design invites you into our Decorative Panel Showroom to see the beautiful choices we have in wall panels. We know that you will find just want you want to turn your house into your dream home. We understand that no catalog of products could ever fulfill every aesthetic desire, and that’s why we have sample displays to show our customers the quality of materials we use and how the creation of your panel walls can enhance your home. At Axe Home & Design, we understand the significance of valuing one's own uniqueness. Because of this, we support the concept of walling that is both stylish and easy to produce. Our showroom is open to homeowners, remodeling contractors, and interior designers.

Axe Home & Design decorative panels is designed to elevate the world around you. At home, our decorative wall panels create an inviting, sophisticated stay for family and guests. In a commercial setting, our textured paneling provides patrons with a relaxed atmosphere that is both eye-catching and authentic to the touch. We invite you to come visit our Decorative Panel Showroom in Pompano Beach to see what we have to offer. Because of our attention to detail and cutting-edge creations, our paneling is high quality, stylish, innovated and can give any room the "wow factor."

Axe Home & Design wants to provide superior wall paneling and designs that allows customers to create a space that is both stylish and authentic. At our Decorative Panel Showroom, we not only have displays of our creations but we have an array of paneling to choose from. No need to call for an appoitnment, just come by our showroom.

By paying painstaking attention to detail and carefully selecting the most stunning and awe-inspiring natural woods and stones, we are able to provide an alternative to natural wood and stone that is both aesthetically realistic and functionally sound. Visit our stunning showroom to kickstart your creativity for the next project you have in mind.

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Decorative Wall Panels

  • PVC Wall Panels
  • Wide Plank Wall Panels
  • Wood Wall Panels
  • 3D Textured Wall Panels
  • Brick Wall Panels
  • Raised Panel